Sound Devices A20-Nexus Multichannel Receiver 169-1525MHz SpectraBand


The next-generation A20-Nexus is expandable from 8 channels up to 12 and 16 with additional software and features forward-thinking technologies like SpectraBand, the powerful NexLink remote-control link, real time spectrum analysis, and more.

✔️ Expandable up to 12 & 16 Channels

✔️ NexLink remote-control link

✔️ SpectraBand (169-1525MHz)

✔️ Real time spectrum analysis (RTSA)

Available on backorder

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Introducing the Sound Devices A20-Nexus, a half-rack receiver with all the features of a full-sized rack. As a next-generation device, the A20-Nexus not only offers the ability to be expanded from 8 to 12 and 16 channels with additional software, but also comes equipped with advanced technologies like SpectraBand, NexLink remote control, real-time spectrum analysis, and more. Furthermore, this receiver offers a wide range of features and capabilities in a compact form factor, making it a valuable addition to any professional’s wireless toolkit. In short, this receiver offers a wide range of features and capabilities in a compact form factor. With multiple options for audio outputs, power, and remote control, the A20-Nexus can adapt to your workflow seamlessly, both now and in the future.


Control your A20-Mini transmitter with the built-in long-range remote control link. NexLink’s advanced long-distance modulation extends the range of the A20-Mini’s wireless audio transmission even further.


The Sound Devices A20-Nexus offers flexible networking options. For example, you can use the built-in web server with any computer, tablet, or phone to control the A20-Nexus from any location with an Ethernet connection. Additionally, you can power the receiver remotely with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and deliver audio via Dante. In short, the possibilities are endless with this versatile receiver.


Easily set the gain, low-cut, and limiter on your A20-Nexus or mixer-recorder directly from the receiver. With GainForward Architecture, you can control gain locally without having to adjust it on the transmitter. This means no more fiddling with tiny buttons or trying to reach awkward spots. Just set it and forget it.


Gone are the days of waiting for scan results. Visualise the RF spectrum in real-time and coordinate frequencies while monitoring audio. The Sound Devices A20-Nexus’s real-time spectrum analysis makes it easy to avoid interference and ensure clear audio transmission.


Thanks to its compact size, the A20-Nexus can be used in a rack, a bag, or docked to an 8-Series mixer-recorder for a cableless setup. Its half-rack design makes it versatile and easy to transport.


The A20-Nexus is part of the growing lineup of Sound Devices Astral™ wireless technology. With features like SpectraBand, GainForward, NexLink, long-range modulation, real-time spectrum analysis, and more, the Astral Series pushes the boundaries of wireless audio.


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