DPA 4017C Shotgun Mic


The DPA 4017C Shotgun Compact Pencil Microphone is powerful, compact and extra-lightweight with groundbreaking design features, ensuring great results on any production project. 

✔️ Small and lightweight

✔️ Excellent RF immunity

✔️ Highly immune to humidity

✔️ Uniform off-axis response



The DPA 4017C Shotgun Mic measures just 154mm (6.1″) and weighs 70g (2.5oz). This mic sets new standards for compactness within shotgun microphones and their applications. It also offers impressive accuracy, clarity and musicality. The mic is immune to RF emission, and the 19mm (0.75″) condenser cartridge is capable of handling peak SPLs of 146dB before clipping.

The 4017C has undergone extensive research and development to optimise the sound coming from the sides and the back. One of the key accomplishments is that DPA have minimised the often non-linear response of a shotgun microphone due to its side lobes. The condenser capsule uses a high voltage, pre-polarised back plate. This endows the 4017C with high output, as well as wide dynamics, and extremely low noise and distortion specifications. Shotgun mics often sound unnatural from the sides and the back, but DPA have also managed to make these improvements to depict a more natural sound.

All DPA mics, from the smallest miniatures to this shotgun, feature the same sonic character. This common sonic character means that you have the same timbre (independently) no matter which DPA mic best captures that sound. This makes it easy to use a mix of hidden miniature mics and boom mics, creating minimal workload in postproduction. 

The capsules and pre amplifiers are easily interchangeable, as it is a part of the modular pencil microphone system.

The DPA 4017C Shotgun Mic pairs beautifully with the COSI-L-19 or the Pianissimo windshields by Cinela.

Dimensions .212 × 19 cm


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