DPA Microphones
Studio Demo Kit

Everything you need in a box! We designed this kit for producers and engineers to discover the best pro audio solution through a studio selection of 11 DPA Microphones.

AKA Pro Audio Official Kit

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DPA Microphones has always prided itself on not compromising on true ‘audio capture’ by producing capsules that can reproduce original sound without adding any unwanted artefacts.

The DPA Microphones studio microphone kit, by AKA Pro Audio, was introduced as a way for industry professionals in Australia to have access to an amazing selection of microphones, with the studio market in mind, to test and get familiar with the product.

Hand selected by experience to give the perfect introduction to the range, we truly believe that this carefully selected array of microphones gives a true taste of what is possible when it comes to DPA Microphones.

What’s in the box?

  • 4099 Super Cardioid Instrument Microphones
  • 4091 Omnidirectional Microphone
  • ST4006A Omnidirectional Stereo Pair
  • ST4011A Cardioid Stereo Pair
  • ST2011C Cardioid Stereo Pair
  • 4099 Universal Mounting System
  • CM2218800 Miniature Cable MicroDot
  • DAD60001 MicroDot to 3-pin XLR Adapter

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Both miniatures, omni & directional microphones, provide some amazing results when applied in the studio world, and although, this might not be a natural choice at first, its performance will surprise most, which is why we have also included them in the kit.

Don’t worry, we have not forgotten about the classics. This kit is loaded with both a matched pair of 4006 and 4011 as well as a pair of 2011C Pencil Microphones to cover everything you could possibly wish for.

DPA 4006A Omni Pencil Microphone


DPA 4011A Cardioid Pencil Microphone




When choosing the right microphone, certain aspects that need to be considered (as with any microphone) are directionality, proximity, SPL & capsule size. These are all relative to the application where the microphones are used.

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